Information for Passengers: Please read before travelling

Rv Paukan 2012 Has 4 Decks:

LOWER DECK- 2 Single Cabins for Guides
MAIN DECK - 8 Twin Staterooms, Dining Room
UPPER DECK - 6 Double/Twin Staterooms, 2 Single Cabins, 2 bow Premier Cabins, Air Conditioned Lounge, Outdoor Bar
SUN DECK - Top deck with open sun lounge, Wheel House

  • All Cabins are Air-conditioned and have en suite shower and wc facilities.
  • Sockets are Euro-American Standard 2 Pin (230 V)
  • Blankets,slippers and hairdryers are available in each cabin.

Hot Water

This is produced by Solar Panels located on the Sundeck. Sometime during cloudy days an electric coil backup will start up automatically. It might take a couple of minutes to get the water hot. We apologise for this inconvenience.

For Your Health and Well Being

Please read also the important safety information "Card" in your room.


  • We use a centralised A/C system with temperature / fan controller in each cabins which can be adjusted for your comfort.
  • Please NEVER leave the a/c "ON" with the window open.

Insect Precautions

  • The stateroom is equipped with a sliding Insect screen which allows you to keep the sliding window open and enjoy the fresh air. Keep the screen closed during late afternoon/dusk and at night.
  • At Dusk and at Night, if you are outside your cabin or going ashore we recommend applying an insect repellent to the exposed parts of your body.
  • Always switch off lights before leaving your cabin.
  • Between January and March a kind of HARMLESS insects (not mosquitoes), could invade the ship. Our staff will do their best to keep them at bay.

Medical Facilites

  • We have on board medicines and first aid equipment provided by SOS International. All our hotel staff has attended a First Aid course at the Yangon Red Cross.
  • Should you need the assistance of a Doctor there is no worry about it as we are never so far from a medical station and the Burmese doctors usually speak English and practice a good standard of field medicine. Mandalay has now a good international standard hospital.


  • When the ship is moored or docked we have always someone watching the gangplank and controlling all the access of the ship, although we invite you to lock your cabin door.
  • All cabins have a combination type safe - please use a number you can remember like the last 6 digits of your phone number or your date of birth.
  • The company cannot be held liable for loss of money, jewelry or other valuable items from (on) the ship or whilst on an excursion ashore during a voyage. In the Conditions of Carriage you are required to have taken personal travel insurance to cover this.


Smoking is not permitted in the inside areas of the ship. Passengers may smoke outside on the Sun Deck and all "open air" areas.


Tap water is not 100% safe. Bottled Mineral water is provided for drinking, free of charge. During the shore excursions never accept ice in drinks and avoid ice creams, crushed sugar cane, salads and the skins of fruits.

Food and Drink


  • Tea, Coffee (not Italian Espresso) and Mineral Water are available at all times in the dining room and Sundeck, free of charge.
  • Early Morning tea and coffee are served in cabins on request.


Meals are served in the dining room on an open sitting basis. According to the number of passengers on board breakfast & lunch may be served on a buffet basis, but dinner is always a sit-down meal with a table d'hôte menu.
Vegetarian or other special meals can be arranged upon request (Please advice your tour leader/guide or travel agent before embarkation or our Ship Manager with a 6 hours prior notice).

Services and Facilities


Calls can be received and made via the on board GSM/CDMA system mobile phone, but the network coverage in some remote areas might be limited..

Wifi Internet

Internet connection is available through a wi-fi system. The connection is limited to certain areas only. The Cruise Director will inform you of the coverage areas


This service is not provided during short cruises, but it is available ONLY for the 3 or more night cruises.

Morning Call

Please advise the Ship Manager or his assistant the night before.


The on-board shop is located in the Ship Manager office (Main Deck). You will find traditional Burmese handicraft, clothes and object d'art. There are also available a range of merchandising designed for Paukan Cruises, memory sticks, insect repellent and other useful items.

Shore Excursions

The shore excursions are organised and accompanied by the Ship Manager and other members of the hotel staff. For some cruise programmes we offer the service of a qualified English Speaking Guide. Passengers who prefer to visit the site by themselves are welcome to come and go from the ship as they like, but they must return on time for the next sailing time as written in the Daily schedule. The captain 15 minutes prior to casting off will sound the ship's horn to warn the passengers of the imminent departure.

Advices and Useful Tips

  • When visiting Buddhist sites you are required to walk barefoot therefore we recommend wearing a slip-on or slipper shoes that are easy to take off. The code of conduct wants you to dress modestly and wear cloths covering shoulders and legs.
  • We at PAUKAN CRUISES are concerned to preserve and respect the local culture. We invite you also to do the same and in order to avoid spoiling the children we kindly ask you to not give any present. Any time we stop in a river village we make a donation to the village chief that will use the funds for the benefit of the community included the children of course. If you wish to contribute to the donation you are welcome and the Ship Manager will assist you on this.
  • During the shore excursions never accept ice in drinks and avoid ice creams, crushed sugar cane, salads and the skins of fruits.
On Board Payments
  • All transactions on board are in US$.
  • Credit Card payments are not accepted at the time of writing, but we are working to have this service available soon It is advisable to carry small US Dollars denomination notes and to change some money in local currency (Kyat) before the embarkation.
  • The bill should be settled at least one hour before the arrival time or the evening before.


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